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Geotechnical load cells TOR-IDRA/CE

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The hydraulic TOR-IDRA/CE load cell has been designed to be placed at the base of structures of armor to measure the load they transmit to their foot . Such control is essential to ensure the safety of permanent support works.

Hydraulic load cells are typically installed at the piers of galleries, below the support of the ribs, and have a shape and size such as to simplify the installation. It is also possible to provide on demand load cells for specific applications or with different specifications from the standard ones.

The cell consists of two steel plates of circular shape, machined and welded together in such a way as to create an interspace filled by a special oil and connected to an electric transducer which transforms every variation of pressure acting on the lung in a variation of signal electric with standard output 4 to 20 mA.

All sensor parts, including cables, are isolated and protected, to avoid concrete entrance within the cell; circuits and sensors are potted and protected in order to preserve the functionality of the instrument in the shock or immersion events. Reading the electrical pressure transducer data may be made through the use of a portable control unit or via an automatic data acquisition system designed for the continuous monitoring.

Model FS (t) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
1 190 200 220 38
2 300 246 270 38

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Geotechnical load cells TOR-IDRA/CE Geotechnical load cells TOR-IDRA/CE Schema

Technical Specifications

MaterialStainless steel with corrosion protection
Nominal load190, 300t
Supply voltage8 - 32 V dc
Output4 - 20 mA (2 cables)
Linearity0,25 % of full scale
Operating temperature-40 / +100C (-40 / +212F)
Protection classIP 67
Sensor typePiezoresistive
Sensor bodyStainless stees AISI 303
For the complete and latest technical specifications, please refer to the technical data sheet which can be downloaded here:
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Connections  Geotechnical load cells TOR-IDRA/CE


General precautions to be followed in the installation and assembly of load cells:

  • Follow the direction of application of force on the load cell
  • Do not exceed the limits of the temperature as indicated in the data sheet
  • Do not remove labels from the load cell
  • Adequately protect the cables with sleeves or channels
  • Carry out on each load cell a ground connection with suitable cable, shunt on mounting accessories
  • Do not carry out any welding on the mechanical structure after mounting the load cell
  • Avoid or reduce to a minimum level any mechanical constraints between the rigid structure and the weighing structure to avoid error in weighing and return to zero
  • In case of vibration or dynamic loads product the load cells with puffers / shock absorbers
  • Protect load cell from any dust accumulation with any appropriate means