Indicator 06TR4C

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Portable indicator with peak function. Rechargeable battery supplied. Inserted in rugged ABS, float and shockproof casewith airtight enclosure and vent valve. Composed by 4 06-TR indicators. Enable to connect and visualize 4 indepentent channels.

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Technical Specifications

Power supply3.6V (single 06-TR)
Max power consumption40 mA (single 06-TR)
Operating temperature0 C / + 50 C - 32 F / 122 F (85% humidity without condensation)
Storage temperature-20 / +50C (-4 / +122F)
DisplayLiquid crystals with 7 segments, 4 digits
KeyboardMechanical multifunction keys
ConnectionsRemovable with fixing
Input sensitivity≤ 1 μV
Linearity< 0.001% of full scale
Temperature deviation<0,0003% of full scale/C
Internal resolution16 bit
Digital filter50 Hz
Number of weight decimals0-3
Zero / FS CalibrationNet / gross key and full scale pre-programmed
Rechargeable elements3 rechargeable AA batteries
Charging current230 V ac / 2,5 VA
Cell power supply3 V dc / 35 mA (maximum 4 cells with 350 Ω in parallel)
Briefcase overall dimensions400 x 300 x 200 mm / 15.7 x 11.8 x 7.9 in
For the complete and latest technical specifications, please refer to the technical data sheet which can be downloaded here:
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Connections  Indicator 06TR4C


General precautions to be followed in the installation and assembly of load cells:

  • Follow the direction of application of force on the load cell
  • Do not exceed the limits of the temperature as indicated in the data sheet
  • Do not remove labels from the load cell
  • Adequately protect the cables with sleeves or channels
  • Carry out on each load cell a ground connection with suitable cable, shunt on mounting accessories
  • Do not carry out any welding on the mechanical structure after mounting the load cell
  • Avoid or reduce to a minimum level any mechanical constraints between the rigid structure and the weighing structure to avoid error in weighing and return to zero
  • In case of vibration or dynamic loads product the load cells with puffers / shock absorbers
  • Protect load cell from any dust accumulation with any appropriate means